About Koroni


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About Koroni

Koroni is located on a peninsula where the dense medieval settlement climbs up the northern slope, from the small fishing port to the impressive Venetian castle that towers over the town. From the castle you have a fantastic view, both over the city and over the southern slopes of the peninsula that stretch down to the 3 km long golden Zaga beach, one of Greece's finest.

On the Zaga Beach, the Carreta Carreta turtles nest. From mid-June they come up to lay their eggs in the sand. The eggs hatch in August to September.

A tour of the castle is a must for visitors to Koroni. In recent years, extensive repairs have been made and a promenade around one of the impressive fortress towers has been built along the water. On the top of the hill, inside the castle walls, you find St. John's monastery from where you have a fantastic view. The monastery is now administered by nuns, who also sell liquor and various handicrafts produced in the monastery.

Just strolling around the narrow whitewashed alleys with their floral splendor of e.g. geraniums and bougainvillea that decorate the old houses is another genuine experience that is suitably finished with a visit to one of all the cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlors along the promenade. From here you can also admire the view of the Taygetos Mountains on the Mani Peninsula on the other side of the bay.