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Travel to Koroni

Fly to Athens and continue by bus

The cheapest option to get from Athens to Koroni is to go with KTEL's regional buses. From Athens Airport, Bus E93 goes to KTEL bus station located inside Athens at 100 Kifissou St. From there there are several trips every day to Kalamata and on to Koroni (journey time just over 3 hours). More info about the buses:


Fly directly to Kalamata

During the season, there are direct flights from Scandinavia to Kalamata with Aegean Air. Time and place of departure vary, but flights usually depart from Stockholm and Copenhagen. The easiest way is to book the trip directly with Aegean Air:

In addition, there are direct flights to Kalamata from several cities in Europe, suckh s london Dusseldorf and Vienna. From the airport, it is about 45 km to Koroni.

Rent a car

For those who prefer to rent a car, in Athens or at Kalamata airport, we can recommend internet booking via Economy car Rental


From Athens there is a toll highway all the way to Kalamata.

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If you're traveling from Kalamata, you'll know you've arrived when you see this view (picture 1).

Find your way in Koroni

Arriving by car

Koroni is not a very big town so it is easy to find our house.

There are no parking facilities at the house, so park the car along the street at the entrance to the old town of Koroni or in the public parking lot on the left when you reach the village.

From the parking it is about 150 meters to walk to the house. Take the first alley on the right just where the urban development begins, between the white low house and the yellow hotel in picture 2. Continue up the alley that turns left (don't take the very steep road straight ahead).

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If you choose to drive in the same direction to unload our car, remember that the alley is narrow and you will need need to backtrack to get back to the parking. You should stop and unload where the car in picture 3 is. It is about 20 m above our house. The alley to our house is on the left and goessteeply downhill (the arrow points out our alley).

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Arriving by bus

Get off at the final stop which is in the main square. Go back the way the bus came into the village. Immediately after a small hardware and kitchenware shop, take the narrow alley to the left (see picture 4). You continue along this alley which first turns to the left and then to the right and after about 50 meters you will have our house directly in front of you.

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